spidersloveme (spidersloveme) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Need details on Meluna!

I have a VERY heavy flow, so I need a heavy duty cup. I have a very high cervix so my large diva's length was perfect, but it just wasn't enough capacity. Plus it was very soft so it squished, further reducing the capacity. I ended up needing to empty it every 2 hours or so. The large lunette worked a little better as the stiffness allowed the cup to work at full capacity but it still overflowed after a full nights use. Plus, it was a little shorter so I have to "fish" for it. I've been eyeing an XL Meluna for it's length and capacity and stiffness.

How does the "classic" and "sport" melunas compare to the large lunette in stiffnss? I would like something as stiff or slightly stiffer than the large lunette, but not too much stiffer. What about its capacity?
Tags: divacup, heavy blood flow, lunette, meluna
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