tonksadora11 (tonksadora11) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Going sideways?

I've used my small Diva for about 3 cycles now. I love/hate it. I have a couple issues with it, and I'm not quite sure how to solve any of them...

1. It makes my cramps worse. My cramps are usually pretty bearable without pains meds. The diva cup makes them really bad.
2. Moving when I stand. I typically insert it sitting. Well, I tried to empty it in the shower and couldn't find the end. I tested it a few times and realized then when I stand it practically goes sideways! But then returns to normal in the sitting position. What the heck?? 
3. Leakage or "fake" leakage. I think my cervix is higher later in my cycle, so the positioning is more difficult. Because I find that I leak around the third day. But, on the first two days I'll be going about my business and all of a sudden get a trickly feeling and run to bathroom, because it feels like a lot of blood has slipped through, only to wipe and find nothing there. So annoying! 

Btw, I'm 20, no kids, virgin. Also, I still haven't gotten used to removal. I think I need a softer cup/narrower rim. 
Tags: cervix position, cramps, divacup

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