Linda (spikeverse) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Need something narrower and softer than the small diva

Ideally from mc_sales to save money and help someone else out.

I find the diva a bit painful to insert and quite painful to remove. And I don't need tat capacity. In fact I wore it for 12 hours yesterday after finding it too painful to remove until I had time to look for a lot more tips on how to do it.

I've never had children and haven't been active in a while. And have strong muscles. And have a light to medium flow. What I really think I need is less rim to fold.

I find a lot of discrepancies between all the various charts on sizes on various blogs and forums. and meluna seems to be the only one that provides real specs and other information. They definitely deserves points and my money or that. They say the capacity of the small is larger than any of the charts say. And they say if you have strong muscles, you probably don't want the soft one. And I can't tell how the classic really compares to the diva in softness.

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