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Menstrual cup to catch amniotic fluid during pregnancy

Hi all,

This is pregnancy related so its a bit tmi.

So I'm almost 39 weeks pregnant and I lost part of my mucous plug two days ago. I've been noticing that my panties are just slightly wet whenever I go to check them. I know it's also common to leak urine but at this point I can't tell which it is, especially what if I'm leaking both urine AND amniotic fluid. I also noticed that my baby is really low and sitting deeper in my pelvis because my groin hurts like crazy whenever I move just a little bit. So there's a chance my water could have broken but her head is just preventing it from gushing out and it's coming out super slowly.

So, I'm wondering if I could wear my menstrual cup to ensure that I'm only catching stuff from the vagina and not leaking pee into my panties or panty liner. I actually don't even have any pads at home because I'm a cup user and they usually recommend that you bring in the pad for them to check. I just figured a cup of fluid would be so much easier to check. Since the liquid seems to come out so slowly, it seems like it always just dries right up in an hour or so.

Seems like a lot of people say that you need to keep things out of the vagina to not risk infection but I don't see how my sanitized cup could be any worse than sterile medical gloves that the doctor will be checking with internally anyways! I'm thinking to just leave in for a few hours to see what it will collect. I would be super careful to keep things super clean if I attempt this too...but is there anything that I'm missing that might be a bigger risk? 

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