you you (thewarmestblue) wrote in menstrual_cups,
you you

fleurcup first time

so i finally got my fleurcup! i tried it thursday night for the first time, and went right to yoga class without a problem. i found myself taking it out and putting it back in a few times before bed, just to be sure i could actually take it out. didn't have much of a problem.

then i put it in overnight, and when i woke up in the morning i felt like i couldn't get it out. i guess maybe because it had been in for 8ish hours it was more "wedged" in there, or maybe because it was more full, but it kind of freaked me out. as i was trying to break the seal, i felt like i was suctioning my insides out, and then i started feeling really nauseous, felt really warm, dizzy and lightheaded. after i got it out, i decided to use a pad while i "calmed down" lol sorry i'm dramatic!

has this happened to anyone? maybe it's just anxiety or the feeling of suctioning triggered a weird response. a similar thing happened, in a way more extreme way, when i had my IUD taken out a few years ago. when they took it out, it wasn't like it hurt necessarily, i just got an intense wave of warmth/sweaty/dizzy/nausea that hit me... this time with the fleurcup it was a similar feeling just not as intense.

btw, i'm 28, i don't have children, i'm not a virgin, and i currently have a paragard IUD in place.
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