Eireinn (eireinn) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Second time around!

I just finished my second period using my pretty sparkly MeLuna.

The first time I had a couple of issues with getting it in the right spot, so it leaked a couple of times. But this period was easy! I've figured out exactly how to insert it so there are no leaks at all. The best way for me is to get the edge in front of my cervix and then sort of tuck the back of the cup around the cervix. Hard to explain, but once I'd discovered that little trick it was easy to get it in exactly the right spot.

I've also gotten better at removing it without spilling blood all over the place. Last month it tended to look like a massacre had happened in the bathroom, but this time around there was very little mess. Hurrah!

I also noticed I had less period pain than usual this month. I still had my lower back pain & cramps, but I could get on with work etc without wanting to curl up and die like I usually do. I usually rely heavily on Naprogesic to get me through the first day of my period (I take the maximum daily dose and still wish I could take more) but this month I just took two in the morning and the pain was bearable the rest of the day.

I love my cup!
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