OmniAlia (omnialia) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Meluna YAY!

Well I went through a whole period with my new Meluna Large soft classic no stem... and WOW.  It's fabulous! perfect! Took me a day to master the fold and getting it to open properly, as its soft and doesn't really pop open like the lunette did.  But once i got it, no problem... fast placement, fast removal, fast empty-rinse-re-insert.  Simple as a tampon.  And it was so soft and comfortable that I could not feel it. AT ALL. My fingers can feel it, but that's it.  And for the first time, NO CRAMPS.  NO cervix pain. No painful removals!  

I know I got the perfect cup now! i liked my Lunette (and truly do miss the tiny bit of extra capacity) but you know what? with the meluna the flow was a bit lighter and more even, and anyway, emptying it was a breeze.

I'm SO thrilled.  Seriously!  Best thing ever.

I don't get it when I tell friends how fantastic it is, and while others are also excited (and 5 of my friends have gotten one themselves!) some of them think its so gross and unsanitary to "hold the blood inside". Sigh.... 

But oh well. I love my cup and the comfort and the freedom and the cost savings!!! :) i love not wearing pads and using tampons. I love going all night without a change.  I love it!!! 

I'm a very happy cup user :D

It totally pays off to find the perfect cup for you!

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