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Choosing a New Cup

After 2 Cycles with a Moon Cup (US) I am ready to try something different.  Here is what I am hoping to find:

I am 35 years old, mother of 2 born vaginally. I have a condition called Lichens Sclerosis which causes the outer skin in the vaginal area to be tight, so I purchased the smaller cup to make sure insertion was OK.  This is coupled with very little sensation vaginally, poor muscle tone and poor bladder control.  Uterus is also tiled.   I don't have a really great sense of my anatomy (i.e. cervix, where are you?), but this has encouraged me to try to figure more out.  In the meantime please give me your best guess at a good fit for me.

I had no problem inserting the cup but removal was somewhat difficult.  The stem was too long and had to be cut down by 1/3 to 1/2 (or else it stuck out), and yet I guess once in the cup either rode up or stuck very firmly.  I needed to bear down/give birth to grab hold of the stem, and then NOT LET GO while taking a breath to do the next set to inch it closer until I could grip the cup enough to squeeze at the bottom.  Either because of my tightness or the cup's firmness or just the fact that it kept trying to escape I really could not get in into a fold, so pulling out was unpleasant...kind of felt like someone popping opne an umbrella in my vaginal entrance.  I am thinking SOFTER would be better for me?  Definitely with a stem, but not necessarily as long as the Moon Cup.  And a higher capacity, if possible to get without going super wide, as I need to change at least every 3 hours at the beginning of cycle.  Also had some random leaking....maybe because I had the smaller instead of the larger size?  And maybe wider is ok if you have a softer cup?  It is only my vaginal entrance that is narrow; there is plenty of room inside so as long as I can get it in and out past opening I should be good. 

I have looked at all of the charts but I find it really overwhelming with so little knowledge and experience. 

PS--Does everyone know that the Moon Cup has a money back guarantee?  It is a nice risk free way to try.

PPS--I felt a little nervous doing so much tugging at my anatomy.  Cup use does not predispose one to prolapse does it?  My pelvic physio has said I am a prime candidate for that........

Thank you so much.  I appreciate your time and knowledge.
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, cervix position, disabilities & health problems, health risks, heavy blood flow, keeper moon cup, leakage & spotting, removal - painful or problems, seal & suction, sizes/size issues, stem length/trimming, tilted uterus

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