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First time Experience and Doubts

After having a successful dry run with all your help, I was excited that my periods started last Sunday. I tried my Lunette Selene and off for the last 3 days, and I had a whole spectrum of experiences and a truckload of questions. Taking it out and putting it in still takes me a good 10-15 minutes. This seems to be my major mental block. Once my vagina just felt sore and kinda closed and unwelcoming that I didn't feel like putting the cup and I jut used a pad. However I'm sure this would disappear with better practise. 

Apart from that, here are my other questions: 

1. I inserted it before my periods started , and when I pulled it out to check, there was a lot of flaky whitish secretion around the cup and not in the cup. I used a bidet to clean myself before I inserted it, so I'm sure it not 'previous remains'. Why did this happen? Was the whitish stuff some reaction to the cup?
2. My cup stem was poking me entirely for Day 0 and Day 1, but the stem moved inside for Day 2. Do I trim the stem or no? During dry runs I discovered my cervix was very high and the cup moved really high.  How do I balance the fluctuations in cervix height? 
3. I cramped more than usual. Most people claim that cramps disappear, but I had the opposite reaction. My usual period cramps last for only half a day- mild cramps. I felt the cup aggravated that feeling, cramps lasted a little longer .Is this normal, will it get better?
4. I just lost the ability to hold my poop,I had to run to the restroom every time, especially day 1.   The cup was putting a lot of pressure on my rectum I guess. Is this normal? sometimes even during sex I have the urge to poop, is it a problem I have- maybe my rectum is too close?
4. Day 3, and already my cup was smelling bad!! I thought one of the advantages of the cup is that it makes your periods odourless. But the strong smell didn't go away with normal rinsing.  I know I can eliminate it with hydrogen peroxide, but when most others enjoy an odourless period, is there some way I can have it too? Will emptying my cup more often help? 
5. One other advantage of cups is the joy of carrying just one small cup when you travel and no the bulky sanitary napkins. But now if I have to carry wet tissues, water bottles, peroxide etc when I travel, it kind of defeats the purpose! How do you all manage travelling with the cup? 

Looking forward to all your replies, once again! 
Tags: bowel movements, cleaning - smells, cramps, lunette selene, stem length/trimming, teething troubles

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