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31 October 2012 @ 01:20 pm
After having a successful dry run with all your help, I was excited that my periods started last Sunday. I tried my Lunette Selene and off for the last 3 days, and I had a whole spectrum of experiences and a truckload of questions. Taking it out and putting it in still takes me a good 10-15 minutes. This seems to be my major mental block. Once my vagina just felt sore and kinda closed and unwelcoming that I didn't feel like putting the cup and I jut used a pad. However I'm sure this would disappear with better practise. 

Apart from that, here are my other questions: 

1. I inserted it before my periods started , and when I pulled it out to check, there was a lot of flaky whitish secretion around the cup and not in the cup. I used a bidet to clean myself before I inserted it, so I'm sure it not 'previous remains'. Why did this happen? Was the whitish stuff some reaction to the cup?
2. My cup stem was poking me entirely for Day 0 and Day 1, but the stem moved inside for Day 2. Do I trim the stem or no? During dry runs I discovered my cervix was very high and the cup moved really high.  How do I balance the fluctuations in cervix height? 
3. I cramped more than usual. Most people claim that cramps disappear, but I had the opposite reaction. My usual period cramps last for only half a day- mild cramps. I felt the cup aggravated that feeling, cramps lasted a little longer .Is this normal, will it get better?
4. I just lost the ability to hold my poop,I had to run to the restroom every time, especially day 1.   The cup was putting a lot of pressure on my rectum I guess. Is this normal? sometimes even during sex I have the urge to poop, is it a problem I have- maybe my rectum is too close?
4. Day 3, and already my cup was smelling bad!! I thought one of the advantages of the cup is that it makes your periods odourless. But the strong smell didn't go away with normal rinsing.  I know I can eliminate it with hydrogen peroxide, but when most others enjoy an odourless period, is there some way I can have it too? Will emptying my cup more often help? 
5. One other advantage of cups is the joy of carrying just one small cup when you travel and no the bulky sanitary napkins. But now if I have to carry wet tissues, water bottles, peroxide etc when I travel, it kind of defeats the purpose! How do you all manage travelling with the cup? 

Looking forward to all your replies, once again! 
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teacupcake89 on October 31st, 2012 08:55 am (UTC)
first of all some waterbased lubricant on yourself like KY jelly or some coconut oil will help with insertion so much! having the cup wet can help too!

You defintely will get quicker and more confident! The main thing is that you haven't had a problems leaking so you've got insertion right! :)

1. it was probably your vagina's natural lubrication and discharge that's their all the time :)

2. don't trim the stem until you've tried the cup for an entire period, as your cervix is likely to be higher/lower than when not on your period, you don't want to trim it and then find you can't reach it on other days!
you'll probably find that it might not poke you as much the more you practice on your period, as you find out what way feels comfortable. let the cup sit where it wants to, be that slanted at an angle etc. :)

3. if you felt nervous about insertion it's possible that could have made you cramp more. you could try boiling the cup lots to make it a bit softer. I cramped more to begin with and hardly anything anymore (lots of vitamin E daily!) but the only way you'll know is if it keeps happening every month, and a softer cup could help. :)

4. I don't know if this was down to the cup, periods in general can have a funny effect on our bowels (either needing the loo every hour or not going for the entire period!...) if it continues after a couple more cycles then yes a softer cup would help.

5. you don't need to, but are you washing the cup with a mild soap? I use johnson's baby shampoo in the morning and evening and haven't had any smells. any mild soap is fine as long as you rinse well and it doesn't have extra moisturising or 'anti-bacterial' properties that might leave a residue. Emptying your cup more often can help, mine smelt pretty bad after leaving it in for 12 hours once! you could also soak it in Milton tablets whilst you shower (the ones for sterilising baby bottles/teats)

6. don't worry you don't need all of that! I usually have a bottle of water in my handbag anyway, but it's perfectly safe and hygienic to reinsert the cup straight after emptying and give it a rinse whern you get home. you can also just use regular toilet paper, or wet a couple of hand towels before you go into the cubicle, so no need for wet wipes (plus they tend to have fragrances etc in them that you don't want on your cup) :)
juliiie87juliiie87 on October 31st, 2012 02:35 pm (UTC)
1.& 2. agreed. Cups don't absorb the natural moisture and gunkiness of your bits.

3. That or the positionning was a bit awkward, i.e. not fully open and (o) around your cervix. Or your body might just get used to it. Or you might need a softer cup. Time and practice will tell !

4. Agreed. Yay for softer cups ! ;)

5. I usually rinse my cup religiously in cold water, sometimes cold-hot-cold to avoid staining and give my soft cup extra springy-ness for insertion. If I just take it out and breathe normally, it shouldn't smell, but if I stick my nose inside the cup well... it smells organic, kinda like rotten eggs or meat or something. It is normal, the blood is getting old, especially if you leave your cup in for a whole day / night, like I do.

So every other time, I'll give it a more thorough clean. I've had good luck with a gentle feminine wash that I know my bits tolerate, but whatever you're using, just rinse it off really well. Something I'd like to try is a wipe down with white vinegar, some use rubbing alcohol but you need to let it evaporate completely... vinegar is probably the most vagina friendly thing (heck, my own vagina often smells like vinegar !). It would surely take care of any smell and I hear it has a mild antibacterial effect.

6. When I went on holiday, I just brought a tiny bottle of feminine wash along with my shower gel and stuff, which I only used in the shower or hotel bathroom. Basically, the best would be something non scented, that doesn't leave a moisterizing residue and preferably whitout paraben, but I know that can be hard to come by. Others use milton or denture tablets, which aren't bulky at all.

Edited at 2012-10-31 06:01 pm (UTC)
OmniAliaomnialia on October 31st, 2012 07:08 pm (UTC)
You might think it sounds funny but what you eat or drink can affect your smell as well... if I drink a ton of ton of coffee and not enough water my periods tend to be a bit more strong smelling.
I wash my cup with a bit of DILUTED baby soap. Neither my soft meluna nor my Large lunette have gotten any smell.
simplycierra97 on December 21st, 2012 02:03 pm (UTC)
1. It's most likely discharge, it's normal, most people get it.
2. Like others said, wait awhile, use it more & if it's still poking you & is uncomfortable, trim it.
3. Some people say they cramp less, for others it's the same or more. I think since it typically cups your cervix, you'll cramp more, that seems to be the case with me anyway.
4. I have the same cup you do, & had the same issue, I soaked mine in a mix of white vinegar and water over night & it took away the smell completely. I typically just rinse when I remove it, & only wash it once a day, with a very mild soap in the shower.

Good luck! & Keep trying. I'm on my third cycle with my cup & still have issues at times, it's normal, don't get discouraged!!