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Gaah! Decisions: itty-bitty vagina; heavy, long-term flow. Which cup?

So, I bought a Diva Cup size 1 in 2005 and have used it religiously since then because tampons/pads were contributing to a recurrent UTI. I've never been really "comfortable" with it (though it's SO MUCH BETTER than the alternatives!) in that there's always *something* telling me it's there. It has always leaked in spite of proper installation. I had to cut the stem off entirely to not shred myself when I walk or sit. (It's so stiff on the Y axis that it tilts sideways in spite of how rigid it is otherwise.) I have to take it out to go to the bathroom because of internal pressure, so I end up rubbed sore after 5-7 days of reinserting it every time I go.

I feel like I need a narrow, short cup... but I've filled the Diva 1 to the holes in about 3 hours on really heavy days, so I need one with a higher capacity (at least 20mL, 25 would ease my mind). I also have a laytex allergy and a very long cervix, low cervix. There's really not much room to maneuver in my sugar dish!

So I've studied the size charts pretty extensively to try to figure out if I can actually have a cup that doesn't hurt or make a mess all the time. If I concentrate on capacity, I'm left looking at the new MeLuna (41x48 w/ 20 mL capacity) or the Lunette (41x47 with 25mL capacity). But how 'squishy' are these compared to the Diva Cup 1? I'm fairly certain the rigidity of the Diva cup causes insertion problems and part of the internal pressure that makes it hard to pee, etc. I'm not sure I'd solve my problems with a smaller cup that's just as resistant as the Diva Cup 1. Then too, I live in the U.S., so it'll require mail order, and I'd rather not shell out $40+ for the same darn thing to happen. :(

Has someone used all three of the brands I've talked about here that can tell me which one's the softest and shortest? Do either of them come with the little knob at the bottom so I don't get stabbed if I roll over on my side?

I'm leaning towards the Lunette, in part because of availability, and in part because of the capacity. And, I can still get the green one if I order soon, because the apparent need for anything for women to be marketed in "both girl colors, pink and purple" and "pretty" is a serious pet peeve of mine. I almost ordered the Mooncup when I got my Diva because it's a practical brown color-- which means no staining in addition to not being patronized by the marketing committee-- but then I figured out about the laytex allergy and there went that idea. :/

Sorry for the mini-rant there. Any input appreciated. Thanks everybody!
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