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My lil 'ol cup collection

I just realized, with the recent discontinuation of the Lunette Diana, my entire cup collection- all four of them- are... outdated? Collector's items? Unique? They're cups that have gone through design changes or have been discontinued and are thus no longer available in their current forms. They are:

Yuuki, small. Soft
Meluna, small ball stem. Original design- smooth surface, shiny glossy neon green, itty bitty grip rings
Fleurcup, small, violet. Stiff.
Lunette Diana, small. Discontinued. :(

Relics, all of them. 'Course, now I'm hankering after the new soft Fleurcup (violet, for the fun comparisons :P) or a Si-Bell. I want a softer cup, not because of bladder pressure, but because of rectum pressure. It's actually a really minor problem, but sometimes the movement of stool down my rectum (not on the toilet, just in general) causes me to leak. It's happened with all my cups (except for the Meluna, but I never use that cup when there's anything TO leak, really), and there are times when there just isn't enough room for both. The stool has a hard time moving past the rim of my cup, and it ends up being rather uncomfortable for a few minutes. Like I said, it's a really really minor issue that doesn't happen often that I'm not entirely sure a softer cup with solve. Mostly, I just want soft cup to round out my collection.


So actually, this post has been sitting in my browser for a few days since I was waiting for my period to end so I could clean my Lunette for the group photo. I've been staring at the Si-Bell cup in the meantime, and I'm more and more convinced that I want one. I've been stalking mc_sales and trolling different stores for total prices. Please talk me out of it. I don't need another cup.

Also, I knew I had five cups; I couldn't think why when I only counted four. I do have five- a new small stiff Yuuki I never used. I should probably sell it; it's not doing any good sitting in my bathroom cabinet. I don't count it as part of my collection, as it's unwanted.
Tags: fleurcup, lunette - limited edition, meluna, si-bell, yuuki
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