Kady the Red Panda (kate_chan91) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Kady the Red Panda

Stem and Removal problems

Hi! I have one small and one large Lunette. I started my first cycle with cups ever yesterday. I decided to try out my small Lunette first and did a quick "spot/dry run" to practice insertion before my period really got going (I have heavy, long, crampy periods). The stem stuck halfway out even after a half hour of walking around so I decided to cut the stem in half. Other than that, everything was comfortable. I also have yet to spot or leak on the cloth pad I'm using as backup.

Then I woke up this morning. When I tried to remove the cup it turns out that it ascended up my vagina (I guess my cervix really is higher at the beginning of my period than during its peak) and I could barely reach my trimmed stem. It took about thirty minutes for me to finally reach far enough to break the suction and remove it. Maybe it's because I have short arms but I just couldn't reach it without essentially contorting myself into a pretzel shape on the toilet.

Now I feel that I trimmed the stem for nothing and may have an "useless" small cup. I do have a couple of Melunas coming in the mail but I doubt they will come soon. I can insert the large Lunette just fine; I'm just worried that maybe I can't use my small Lunette anymore. Should I keep trying with my small Lunette or should I sell/donate it?

Other than this problem, my first time with cups ever has been a blast. I've never felt so comfortable and happy during my period in my life. Even my cramps are not as bad as usual. Insertion has been for the most part a snap; it's removal that's a pain.
Tags: first time use, lunette, lunette selene, removal - painful or problems, stem length/trimming
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