OmniAlia (omnialia) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hi All!!!

I got the CORRECT cup from Meluna, finally (3rd time's the charm!).  A Large, Soft Basic (no stem) cup.

Today was first time using it.  It was harder to get to open than the lunette, of course, The cold water trick did not help, nor did the different folds that were suggested.  What did help was turning the fold to face my front instead of to the side or back, and pushing the walls away from cup and gently placing the cup edge around the cervix.  

So, day one isn't a heavy flow so i can't say much about cramps yet, but it's SO much more comfortable than the Lunette for me already.  No leaks either.  *crosses fingers*  Of course, I didnt leak with Lunette either, but just saying.

So far, I'm very pleased with the new cup!! I can't feel it at ALL.  Not even when I think about it. Soft menstrual cups are awesome!!

Also I got to tell some family about cups today and they were pretty excited! I love spreading the word.  I gave them the link to here. :)
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