charletnarouh (charletnarouh) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I have no trouble inserting my cup and it opens perfectly. I can feel all the way around the rim and it's fully open and my cervix is not peeking out at all. But the cup seems to be consistently leaking. I don't think it's the blood travelling into my lower vagina during changes because I wipe clean after inserting it and check a little while later and there's nothing, but after about 2 hours I'm getting traces of blood on the toilet paper, so I remove and check the cup and it's nowhere near full, but if I leave it and just wear a pantiliner for several hours to deal with the minor traces, the cup will continue to fill, so it's working. The traces of blood are really not very much compared to what is being collected by the cup so it's not overly alarming. MOST of my flow is being captured by the cup. It's really so minimal I could probably get by without using a pantiliner at all since I'm not really noticing anything staining my panties, just toilet paper when I wipe, but it's enough to be mildly annoying and frustrating. What do you think, is this a cup fit issue or a user error?

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