comedylover01 (comedylover01) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Clots blocking menstrual cup suction holes?

Hi. I ALWAYS GET CLOTS. EVERY PERIOD. Ugh. The problem with clots is that they block one or more suction holes, causing a leak. I get fat clots that block up three suction holes. Is the menstrual cup right for me? I have two lunettes (one small and one large). The smaller one works for clots because it's smaller, whereas the larger one leaks even if the clot doesn't block up the suction hole. However, with both, they leak whenever the clots block up the suction holes. I'm thinking about investing in a fleurcup because it is soft and has big capacity, but I don't want to waste money if cups won't work for me due to my fat clots. What to do about the fat clots that block up the suction holes and are cups just not for me? I really want this to work.

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