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I hate this!!!

Hello everyone.
I just bought the diva cup size 1 a couple days ago because I had heard so many good things about menstral cups. I am 23 years old, never had kids, but am sextually active with my husband. I started my period back when I was 13. I tried a tampon the first period and had no troubles with them. Now a days, I cannot wear regular sized tampons because they will either leak or start coming out. I have to wear supers. I never had a leakage issue with my tampons that I bought from whole foods that were bleach free.
I wanted to try the diva cup to try to save some money. However, it is just not working for me. I have gone through the other posts and tried different positioning techniques and folds. I have no issues getting it in and pulling it out. It doesn't turn very eaasily at all no matter how high or low i push it in. I can't feel it and it isn't uncomfortable. I can feel all the way around it that it is completely open. However, I leak a lot all the time!
I was so embarrased today. I put it in horizontally with the c fold and attempted to twist it around. However, it slids up so far it's hard for me to grab the base of it to turn it once it's in. I try to pull it down a bit so it sits lower but it just keeps sliding back up. I walked into a public restroom 3 hours after I put it in because I felt like I was leaking. Sure enough I had leaked a lot! I havn't worn pads since I was 13. They feel like dipers and are itchy, scratchy, and sticky. I refuse to wear any kind no matter how "thin or comfortable." I had to reach up there and try to pull it out. However, it was extremely hard to get it out because there was so much blood coming down the edges that the cup was so slippery and gross. It looked like a massacure took place. It was discusting and repulsive! I would much rather switch back to tampons than go through that again!
I want to make this work but I can't keep paying $20-$40 per cup till I find one that works. I have no idea where my cervix is. When I feel around in there, I feel a lump on the left side but then can keep going past that but don't hit any kind of wall past that. I've looked at diagrams online and have seen the same bump on the left side of vaginas so it can't be that uncommon. I have no idea what to do, but I certainly can't continue this cup thing if I'm going to be bleeding all over the place all day and night. It's discusting! Please Help!

Tags: cervix position, divacup, first time use, leakage & spotting

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