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Jessie Clark
17 October 2012 @ 12:30 pm
I finished my first period using my large Lunette a few days ago, and I have a couple questions.

I guess I should start by saying to judge by some stories I read, I had an amazingly trouble-free first run.  No leaks to speak of, no insertion issues, no discomfort while wearing or weirdness or major disasters.  It's crazily much better than pads. (I've never been able to use tampons, they dry me out and itch like mad.)  I think I'm no longer going to look forward to my period with quite the level of loathing I used to.  Thank you SO MUCH for all your question-answering and information-providing!

My biggest question is, I suppose, a sizing question.  I really like how easily the Lunette opens and how easily it inserts and the no-leakyness, but removal isn't always quite as feeling-less.  Apparently, I'm much tighter right at the outside edge, especially towards the end of my period.  When I remove it, there's resistance at that lip and it's not so much painful as mildly uncomfortable.  But because it's the only even slightly uncomfortable part of it I wanted to ask, would a size-change be a logical thing to try?  How likely is it a smaller cup would leak?  (I'm above the "we recommend a larger size" age on every chart I've looked at.)  The size-jump between large and small Lunettes seems pretty extreme: if I wind up with a smaller one, would sticking with the Lunette shape be more logical (because I've had such good luck with it so far) or making a more-moderate size jump? 

I did manage to get blood on the outside of the cup and fingers once, and decided to just put a pad in while I cleaned the cup.  (The above removal question may have had a minor impact on this decision too.  It was almost at the end and it was just kinda like ... "meh, do I really want to have to remove it again when it's probably going to only be one pad's worth anyway?")   Almost immediately, I started cramping mildly.  Until then, it hadn't really hit me that I hadn't cramped at all with the cup.  Is this a known phenomenon?  Was it all in my head?  Maybe it explains some of my aversion to tampons too?

Thanks again for all the invaluable information!

*Edit*  I didn't realize there was such a softness difference between the Lunettes.  :S  Add another complication to my calculations. lol
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teacupcake89 on October 17th, 2012 09:56 pm (UTC)
Since this is only your first period with your Lunette I would strongly suggest that you give it another 2-3 cycles before deciding if the cup isn't right for you. If only, that even if you buy another cup today you'll still have to get through the learning curve! :)

Getting the right technique down that works for you takes time and practice, don't worry everyone experiences this in some form or another until they get through the learning curve. :) Seeing as the cup doesn't hurt/press uncomfortably on your bladder during use (which would happen if it was too stiff or wide) I think it's just a matter of practice and technique!(which can be overcome!) :)

For removal: I suggest putting some lube on yourself to make things more lubricated (great for insertion too!) are you partially refolding the cup when you remove it? if not, that's most likely the reason for the discomfort. Try to remove one corner diagonally first then the rest so it doesn't come out all at once.

Most cup users are tighter at the entrance, it's all a matter of relaxing the vaginal/pelvic floor muscles for insertion and removal. Try to bear down hard during removal. Taking deep slow breaths and taking your time can also help with any discomfort. :)

In terms of mess during removal: preparation is the key! :) Get a wad of toilet paper ready to put against yourself as soon as the cup is out, some down the toilet so it will flush in one go and another wad for wiping the cup/fingers with if you don't have access to a sink/bottled water. Then once the cup is out you don't have to faff around trying to pull toilet paper off the roll whilst holding the cup. :)

hope this helps! :)