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Menstrual Cup N00b

I finally got my small Ladycup after quite a while debating and waiting for my order to come in. I messed around with it and just practiced inserting it without letting it pop open for a couple of weeks. Today I worked up the courage to actually let it pop open for a dry run (not sure if that was the right choice yet considering I'm 16 and a virgin. Insertion didn't hurt, and I'm used to tampons and can get a few fingers up there.) Anyway, this thing's been up there for a couple of hours and it just won't come out! I know I'm doing everything right because I've read over these threads on insertion and removal what feels like a million times. It's just my stupid hymen. It doesn't even hurt that bad - so I know it's not my muscles. There's just a certain point when my hymen won't stretch anymore, but it won't break either. Does anyone have any advice, or am I going to have to go through the embarrassment of telling my mom I got a silicone cup stuck in my vagina so she can make an appointment with the obgyn?
Tags: doctors, dry run, first time use, hymen, lady cup, removal - painful or problems, virginity
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