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Two Questions

Hello, cup users!

So I'm done with my second cycle with my Meluna XL, and overall, yes, it's an improvement over my Small Diva Cup. It's a bit weird because this second cycle was a bit messier than the first one. Instead of the 4-5 of cup usage during the first three days it became 3 hours during days two and three. Okay, whatever. My period was a week late, so it's totally possible that this period was just plain off. That wouldn't be surprise me.

So I had two questions:

1) Is it possible for a bowel movement to cause leaking? There was this one time with my Small Diva Cup where, during a BM, I actually felt it shift, and it leaked. I think it happened with my MeLuna this cycle, but I didn't feel it shift. After the DivaCup incident I have tried not to bear down too much during a BM. Has this happened to anyone else? 

2) How do you know if your cervix is peeking out? I tried to check if it's peeking out, but I can't tell because everywhere I touch with my finger is bloody. I try to let the cup open right near the opening then wiggle it into place, but when I tried this the cup wouldn't open/seal and just end up leaking. If your cervix is peeking out would this cause leaking three hours later or would it just leak right away? The thing is that during my first days I just feel like my cup is swimming inside me, not covering a lot. I don't know, maybe it's just a feeling everybody gets.

Any thoughts? I really want my third cycle to be as leak free as possible.
Tags: bowel movements, leakage & spotting, meluna
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