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First time Dry Run: Peed all over my fingers trying to squeeze cup out

I tried the cup for the first time yesterday- my traumatic dry run.I found this community today and wanted to share my woes. This post has a lot of yucky descriptions, so stay away if you'd be grossed out. 

I am married, no kids yet. And I think I have a really high cervix (during and after my periods, it's perennially high I could never reach it with a finger) .I have tight vaginal walls that it sometimes pains during intercourse too. So I ordered a Lunette Selene Small as I found it is the perfect balance between narrowness and good length.  

I tried it first  with 7 fold as it presented the smallest mouth, but the base of the fold is huge and so it wouldn't go in beyond the tip. So again I experimented with 7 fold, punch down and lots of lubricant. The lubricant was so slippery that the cup kept slipping out of my grip. Then when I finally managed to push in 80% of the cup, I kind of let it go and it popped open out of my vagina! Almost like my vagina burped the cup out. This happened over and over I was seriously tired. 
Then for some strange reason, I turned the cup inside out! and then I tried the c fold, and somehow this time it went in, I could slowly twist it in, and after an eternity the cup went in! I thought the soft inside area of the cup works better for me. 
I didn't hear a popping sound (no feeling of pop either) but I could feel the base of the cup and it was fairly circular. It was a  dry run, I was elated and walked around for 10 minutes- I barely felt it and I was happy. 

But the removal!!! I put my finger in and the cup had ascended inside, my finger could not even reach it!! I squatted and was bearing down so much but the moment I stopped bearing down to normally breathe, it would again ascend, and I've had to start all over again. After a long struggle, I finally pushed and pushed like giving birth, with one finger inside and guess what: I suddenly peed all over my fingers. Yuckkkkk. Has this happened to anyone at all??? After giving birth to my cup I realised what a big mistake it was to turn it inward and lose the stem. I think I really need the stem. But most of all I need confidence and support now. It was 1.5 hours yesterday. Please tell me it gets better. 
Tags: bowel movements, cervix position, dry run, first time use, insertion - painful or problems, inside-out, lunette selene, removal, removal - painful or problems, seal & suction, teething troubles, urination
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