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Cup modding questions...

I've used a small diva for a few months and while it seems to be a good fit, especially in length, I wanted something with slightly more capacity, less suction, and easier to clean so I bought a lunette size 2. While the lunette in comfy, it is soo hard to break the seal and getting it out requires me to get a little closer to my iud strings than I'm comfortable with and it leaks occasionally. With the diva I can just pinch the bottom and kegel it into a C fold and take it out while not getting near the cervix, but for some reason (stiffness, maybe?) I need to pinch the top of the cup to break the suction. I'm debating on selling my lunette or trading.... Which leads to a few questions.

1. I'm interested in mc_sales. While the rational part of me realizes that a boiled cup poses no harm, I'm still a worry-wart. How many of you trust a second-hand cup? It would be nice to trade and/or sell the lunette so I don't lose the 40$ I spent on it.

2. What's the best way to enlarge the holes? Breaking the seal on the diva would be so much easier and cleaning wouldn't be such a pain.

3. How can I remove that horrid writing and detailing on the inside of the diva? Cleaning it off in public restrooms in a PAIN with all those little details. I thought about using a nail file, but I'm not sure if it would work well.

4. I bought the diva in 2010 and I heard there were some recent changes to it. Did it change since then? Is it stiffer or softer? How is it different? I'm thinking about upgrading to a size large for some more capacity.

5. I'm eying a large fleurcup. Is the material softer or stiffer than the diva?
Tags: cleaning, divacup, fleurcup, iud, leakage & spotting, lunette, seal & suction

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