Eireinn (eireinn) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First time report!

So I've finished my first period using my glittery new MeLuna and it is DEFINITELY an improvement on pads or tampons!

Because it was my first time, I did have a couple leakage issues when I was rushing and didn't take the time to make sure it was in properly. But they were very minor leaks, and definitely no worse than when I haven't been able to change my tampon in time. My period only ever last three days so I didn't get a lot of time to practice with it, but I'm sure it will be smoother sailing next month. Just have to make sure I don't rush it!

I am LOVING not having to wear a pad to bed. I'm a very heavy sleeper, so I never wear tampons to bed & that means pads. And I hate pads, because they bunch up and make my skin dry & itchy. So not having to wear them is the BEST THING EVER.

Overall - why didn't I buy a cup sooner?
Tags: first time use, meluna

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