you you (thewarmestblue) wrote in menstrual_cups,
you you

hello all!

i am new to menstrual cups. i have always wanted to try one, but procrastination has held me back... i am finally ready to purchase my first cup and i have been doing a lot of research. before i make my big purchase, i wanted to run it by everyone for insight and opinion. based on my body, i feel inclined to purchase a fleurcup. i am now finding trouble in the purchase because it seems fleurcups do not ship to the US. the reasons i feel i want a small fleurcup is because i have a narrow/short vaginal canal, and it seems that from reading reviews the fleurcup would be a good "fit" so to speak. i am scared of the cup hurting, or suctioning to my cervix or anything of the sort. i currently have a paragard IUD and do not want the cup to affect the IUD at all. i do not and have not had any children, i am 28 years old, and have been sexually active for 10 years.

anyway, what are your thoughts about my desired purchase. is it possible to order a fleurcup to the states? should i consider other cups?

thank you so much for your time and sharing. <3

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