varaonaid (varaonaid) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Severe pain removing Diva, suggestions for alternate


Been in and out of this community for years and years now. You guys gave me the encouragement to try my first (and so far only cup) and I've encouraged numerous others to try menstrual cups as a result of my success and happiness with switching to menstrual cups.

After having this cup for about 8 years, I'm starting to look at other options. I'd like one that has holes that are easier to clean but more importantly, I'd like one that's more comfortable to remove. Since the beginning, it's been from "uncomfortable" to downright painful to remove the Diva Cup (Sm - size 1). I usually grab the bottom of the cup itself to collapse it so that the suction is broken and it can be removed. But still it's really painful to remove. I don't have problems with gyno exams, or other things like that it's just the cup removal itself. Any thoughts?

Secondly, I'm looking at the MeLuna line as a replacement. Probably the Soft type. Any thoughts on that type as a replacement? I do seem to have a low cervix to where it is pretty much in the Diva so I'm also considering a shorter cup. Part of the reason I'm considering the MeLuna is because it's not made of silicone and I'm showing some signs of silicone allergy (just had to have emergency surgery to remove a silicone coated shunt recently). So, I wanted to see if I did better with a different material and while I'd try a latex one, I don't want to try the keeper, especially since it seems thicker and has no rings.

Any other info you need from me, please let me know. But I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts and recommendations.

Thanks for being so awesome!

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