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Thank God for this community

I started using a Lunette about a year ago after talking to a couple friends and doing a little research on this forum. Since my second child was born (both vaginal deliveries) I haven't had much success with tampons. I liked the Lunette, but it wasn't everything I wanted either (I use it inside out because of a thread I saw here). After months of trying to figure out if it was me or the cup, I happened upon a thread that changed my life. I further examined myself and even had my gynecologist confirm that I have a prolapsed uterus. My cervix is at the entrance of my vagina and everything was getting pushed past my cervix and ended up being practically useless. Then I found some threads about mini MeLunas. I bought one (the glittery blue one!!) about a week later and I am SO happy. I still have a little leakage on my two heavy days, but by far my life is better. I really started to think that a hysterectomy was the answer, but all I needed was the perfect cup. And it was SO cheap!! So thank you for this forum and thank you for educating me on all the different types of cups and thank you for being so knowledgeable!  I read somewhere on here about opening the cup right inside the vagina and pushing it in from there and that's what I do to make sure it's in the right place for my low cervix.  I just can't thank all of you enough for changing my life and subsequently the lives of my daughters.
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