Prickle Bitch (meig) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Prickle Bitch

Diet Soda & Cup Smell

I've been using a cup since 2010. I also usually drink diet soda but I go through phases where I will stop drinking it for various reasons. And I have noticed something very interesting and wanted to ask fellow cup users about it.

When I am drinking diet regularly, I usually drink 2-3, maybe 4 cans a day. When I get my period and am drinking diet, the smell of the menses in my cup is ATROCIOUS. I mean, seriously foul. Then I would have a period where I'd not be drinking as much diet and things would not be as smelly, but I didn't put two and two together.

I stopped ALL diet soda about a month ago, just because I wanted to get rid of the artificial sweeteners from my life for various reasons. So I have not had any diet anything for about 4 weeks, and I got my period a few days ago. Well, guess what? It doesn't smell. I finally out two and two together and realized that if I don't drink diet soda, the smell goes away. So I am curious if anyone else has noticed this? Nothing else has changed, I just am not drinking diet soda anymore. I still have some caffeine on a daily basis, since I am still drinking iced tea, but I haven't had any diet soda.

I just thought it was very interesting.

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