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Hello from a newbie!

I am dusting off my long-abandoned LJ for you all! :)

Sorry about the essay - I'm just very excited!

I've known of menstrual cups for a few years, and been interested in trying them, but they're all kinda pricey so I was reluctant. I was doing some Googling a couple weeks back and found the MeLunas, which are much more affordable than other brands I'd found, even with international shipping. So I decided I'd give it a shot, and if it didn't work out for me, I hadn't wasted too much money.

I bought a Medium glittery one with the flat ball stem. It arrived about a week ago, and I decided to give it a dry run. As I'm sure you all know, things are totally different on a dry run! I had a LOT of trouble getting it to open, and also getting it out. This was kind of a worry, but after reading a lot of posts about how much easier it is actually on your period I just left it alone for a few days. This is the first time in my whole life I've actually WANTED my period to come!

Anyway, it arrived last night, so I got to try it! After a lot of trial & error, I've found that the diamond fold, facing backwards, is best for me. It pops open easily every time, unlike a lot of other folds which either never popped (I'm looking at you, punch down!) or need a lot of fiddling to pop. I still need to work on getting it in far enough - it was a little uncomfortable first go this morning - but that seems to be working out OK as it's quite comfortable now. I'm also still getting the hang of removal, but it will all work out soon!

Today was the big test for it. My first day is always my heaviest, and I was on a 12 hour shift at work, so the cup really got a workout straight off the bat. It worked out great! With tampons, I usually end up leaking a little because I get stuck serving customers and can't get away in time to change it. Absolutely no problems with the cup leaking - it was only about a third full both times I emptied it out. I am going to wear a back up pad tonight (I have a bunch in the cupboard anyway) just to make sure it can cope with a full night without leaking, but so far I am very impressed!

ETA: Not a single drop on the pad this morning! Success!

Also, I have found the comfortable spot it wants to sit. It is quite low down, but that's fine with me because then I don't have to dig too much to get it out. It's still high enough that I'm not getting poked by the stem.

TL;DR - I am totally converted! I don't know what I'm going to do with the massive number of tampons hanging around in my cupboard now, though!
Tags: first time use, meluna
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