OmniAlia (omnialia) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lunette is softer than Meluna soft???

Help me out here folks, i hope some of you have Lunette, and Meluna classic and meluna soft....

I have a Lunette, i was getting really awful painful cramps with it to the point i was almost afraid to  use it.  Really, really sensitive cervix.  I can't even go anywhere during my period, too much pain.

I never had painful cramps before giving birth.  now all my periods are heavy and painful.

The cup solves the heavy part not the painful part.  But there's more relief without the cup than w ith it.  The cup is still better than tampons tho- way too painful for tampons.

So, I decided to try a 'softer' cup.

i ordered a meluna large classic (which supposedly, according to the softness/stiffness ratings) still softer than than Lunette large.  I also ordered an XL Soft meluna.

Meluna messed up and sent medium classic and large classic, wrong styles, so they sent 2 more, large "soft" and xl "soft.".  Correct styles, but darn it they don't feel ANY SOFTER than the ones I got previously.  And package only marks size, it doesn't list the softness so i can't try to confirm.  So now I apparently have: large lunette, medium regular meluna, large regular meluna X2 (diff styles), and XL 'soft"  But the XL is SO STIFF.  And the lunette is softer than ALL of them.

Am I missing something here??? I mean by stiffness, the actual cup, because the meluna rim is thicker and so more stiff, so I'm just comparing the inner cup softness and they are all more stiff and unyielding than the lunette.

A bit unhappy and a LOT confused.... anyone know if this is inconsistent or not? 

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