rbca03 (rbca03) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Bad smell with green Fleurcup??

Ok, I have 2 Fleurcups.  One blue, one green.  I've used the blue for a few cycles, and used the green one for the first time this past cycle.  No problems with the blue one, but the green one has such a foul smell after using with just one period.  I had it in for 10-12 hours one day at the end of my last period.  It didn't have much in it when I emptied it, but I did notice it had a bad smell.  Since then, I've poured boiling water over it (and let it soak in a coffee cup - didn't actually boil it in a pot over heat... I'm not crazy about boiling it just for fear of accidentally melting it), washed it with soap, soaked it in hydrogen peroxide, washed it with baking soda, and left it in the sun.  It still smells!  Anyone had a similar experience?  Is it something to do with the green coloring, since the blue one doesn't seem to have the same problem?  Any other suggestions for how else to get rid of the smell?  Did it absorb & grow bacteria, despite being washed several times?  Is that possible with brand new silicone?  I'm so confused/disheartened.  Thanks for any input!
Tags: cleaning - smells, fleurcup

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