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01 October 2012 @ 07:08 pm

I feel so happy and accomplished!  It took a while but today for the very first time, I got my Lunette menstrual cup in!!!

I had posted a while back on my desire to use the cup but was having difficulties with insertion.  I had thought something physical might be wrong, and finally this past Wednesday went for my first gyno appointment.  I had wanted to go to a gyno for a while because I had issues with anything being inside of me.  I physically couldn't have sex, even fingers weren't possible.  I had noticed some issues with tensing even using tampons.  I wanted to use a cup and be able to have sex (eventually) so I made the appointment to make sure I was okay.

At the appointment I learned (in a crying, screaming mess) it was purely psychological.  That was pretty saddening for me to realize the effect that a past event had on me, but empowering to know that physically I am okay and now know where to go. 

She was able to fit one finger up all the way, and then two fingers.  I had some pain with that, she said this was my hymen stretching.  She didnt do a full exam because emotionally I was still very, very nervous, but I was so proud of myself for what I did accomplish, and now I know that I'm anatomically correct!

This brings me to today.  I'm on day two of my period and very heavy flow wise.  I've been using cloth menstrual pads for the past couple of months aside from the few instances I've been out and about or had to swim.  I like cloth pads better than regular pads-eco friendly, comfortable, cost efficient- but constantly worry that they look bulky and can be seen from outside my pants.  I used to use tampons because I didn't have to think about my period as much, but since I've heard about cloth pads and cups they've disgusted me and feel so dry.

I have to go to a class for my job today in uniform which happen to be a pair of tight khaki pants.  I also work late nearly every night this week, will be spending the week at my aunts, and as easy as tampons are, I don't like them and as much as I like cloth pads, they aren't as easy as a cup-rinsing, soaking, and washing while at my aunts house isn't how I want to spend my weekend.  That said, I spent the past half hour or so listening to relaxing music and trying to finally insert my cup. 

First I tried the triangle fold, but worried it would have difficulty popping open.  I then tried with the punchdown, and after about five times of inserting it 3/4 of the way in and then taking it out, I got it in, and let go.  It hurt a bit which was just my hymen stretching I'm sure, and I didn't like that I could feel the lips so prominently during the insertion process (I think it's just that particular fold).  I don't however feel it at all right now.

I  am about 85% sure that it has popped open, but not sure how to tell.  I can't feel it except when I do kegals, and even then its just the stem.  The stem is still slightly outside my body, but my gyno had said she had felt my cervix during the exam.  Considering that was a few days before my period, my suspicions were right in that I have a rather low cervix, during my period for sure at least.  I think that for now I'll leave it long until I get used to it more, as I'm not sure if it will slide up higher on its own and I like having the security of knowing I don't have to go digging for it.  That's not a problem is it, allowing the stem to be slightly outside the body?

Update (Began writing this around 12:30, it's now 7) I only have a little blood on my cloth pantyliner, and that I think is only from the fluid that was already present.  Other then that, no leaks!  Still feel the stem a little bit so might trim to 2/3 or 1/2 the size it came as, will have to experiment.

I am so happy to feel so free right now!  Complete and total convert!  Thank you so much, all of you, for the support.  I was a lurker for a long time and learned so much from this website alone.  It was with the use of this website I first discovered cups.  I used the information to decide a cup was right for me, decide WHICH cup was right for me, and learn how to insert, what to expect, etc.  Thank you all so much!!!

okwaho_okaraokwaho_okara on October 2nd, 2012 12:00 am (UTC)
Yahoo! Congrats :D

I'm glad that you were able to discover what was going on and were able to get past that (as hard as that may be, it is a huge step for you I can tell)!

As for making sure it popped open, if you can, this is what I do:
I walk around for about 30 seconds after insertion, then I squat on the floor & put my finger inside, and gently circle it around the cup. :)

Congratulations again!

Edited at 2012-10-02 12:12 am (UTC)
teacupcake89 on October 2nd, 2012 09:13 am (UTC)
YEY! I'm so happy for you!! Thank you for updating and sharing your experience with us :)

If you think it's inserted correctly/popped open you don't necessarily have to check! if it leaks then you know it hasn't/inserted incorrectly.

If the stem poking out is uncomfortable you can trim it off slightly, if not just leave it! :) I would wait until a full period of cup use though before really trimming it, in case on certain days your cervix moves or you find it can actually fit a bit higher up once you get the knack of insertion. :)

I do the same as okwaho_okara: gently run a finger round the outside of the cup to check that it feels round and open. doing a few squats/wiggly dance/walk round room for a bit can help too, sometimes I can feel it 'pop' open several minutes after insertion even if I think it's already open. :)

Good luck and Congrats! :):)