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First time user - need help to get it out :(

Hello everyone, I discovered this forum today and reading your comments is making me feel better in knowing I'm not the only one having trouble as a first timer! 

I'm 25 and still a virgin. I brought my Femmecup only yesterday and was eager to try it straight away. I'm going to the beach next Tuesday and it coincides with my period so I wanted to get used to the cup so I wouldn't have any problems during my holiday! 

So I boiled it up for about 10 minutes, let it cool and then gave it a try. I tried the punch fold as it seemed a smaller fold. It was definitely hard. It hurt quite a bit getting it in (I did try aiming back instead of up like I'd read) but I kept going as I didn't want to give up! I finally got it in but feeling around the edge it seemed to be folded still, so I tried pushing it side to side and I think it eventually opened up. It felt really uncomfortable inside (I thought I wouldn't feel it at all... maybe it wasn't all the way in?). 

I then tried taking it out... it was absolutely awful! I could never break the seal even though I'd gotten hold of the base with thumb and forefinger and was pressing and trying to turn it one way and another. Every time I pulled it down slightly I could feel the suction inside me and it hurt a lot. I tried pushing with my muscles and that helped getting it down, but I kept pulling and I kept feeling the suction. Even though it hurt a lot I was panicking so much I just pulled it out whichever way I could, I didn't want it to stay stuck in there! 

I think I broke my hymen as there was some blood. But it didn't hurt so much after it was out, and I slipped a pad on so I wouldn't stain my underwear but there was no more blood after that. 

I gave it a few hours (until I didn't feel any pain and wasn't uncomfortable) and tried again. I think it was easier to insert (but maybe that was because I was more lubricated as I noticed my fingers got some blood on them) and I think I got it right because I'm wearing it right now and can hardly feel it inside of me. I'm leaving it in for a while so I can get used to it, but I'm dreading getting it out again... 

Any tips to break the seal and stop the painful suction?? Thanks!


Hi everyone! I'm very grateful to all of you for your comments, advice, tips and overall help and support. I wanted to let you know I have successfully completed my first period with my cup. Like I said, it was really uncomfortable in the beginning (specially removing it) but your different tips helped and I gradually got used to what worked for me. Turns out the 'hot dog in a bun' thing is effective (I don't have to put all 3 fingers up there, I just start folding it at the base and as it's gradually coming out I try my best to fold it so it will be easier to remove).

Getting it in there is noooo trouble at all, I'm super impressed! haha... Removing it still takes a little more time and it might hurt a little for like a second or 2 while I pull it all the way out, but I think I'm getting better at it with each try. I was also forced to empty it in 2 or 3 public restrooms and was happy that I was able to do it (a bit noisily though... kind of embarrassing). 

I still have one more question thought... to all of you who have used a cup when swimming. It seems to me that water can and will get up there and fill the cup, which means the cup might overflow and liquid might escape it. I could feel little gushes of warmth trickling down and it was kind of uncomfortable because I felt like I might get a stain or have reddish water run down my leg. I don't think I did though, but I did get a small stain in my bathing suit a couple of times, which is fine, but I'd rather not have to worry about a big stain when my flow is heavier. Any similar experiences, comments or tips on the subject? 

Thanks again to everyone :) 
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