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Does anyone here have problems with UTIs and vaginal infections?

I've been feeling pretty grotty last few months, more than usual, unrelenting constant headaches, abdominal, pelvic, chest, bowel and back pain, excessive discharge, frequent urination.  After my last period two weeks ago, excessive green discharge finally gave me a real indication it was possibly an infection.   I've never had anything like it.   No itch, not bad odor.  So I went to the doctor who did a urine test and said I had a UTI, much to my surprise, since I haven't had one for about ten years, ( I used to have chronic cystitis, always with bloody urine and intense burning pain), the doctor also thinks it's in my kidneys, due to pain there.  Then he said I need to get swabs and a blood test, which I have done today.  The nurse was very concerned, she said she hadn't seen anything quite like it, she said it could be thrush or BV, but resembles a STD, which I can't have as I am not sexually active.  I asked her if my menstrual cup could transfer infection, but she had never heard of them.  Anyway, I've had yeast infections before using my cup, but rarely, only when I've taken antibiotics or have had a severe infection, but I have had thrush a few times since I started using my cup, but the symptoms are different from now.  I've never had BV or an STD, and as far as I know I've never had a UTI AND a vaginal infection together.  The nurse said it's possibly it could be something else. The only thing that has happened differently with my cup usage in the past two months, is that I started to use soap and hot water to wash it after emptying, where as before I just just cleaned with water.  I also scratched inside my vagina which caused burning and bleeding, when removing my cup that had become lodged, this was about the time these symptoms started, perhaps just co-incidence.  I really hope this is not some sort of recurring thing, that is aggravated by my cup, because I LOVE the menstrual cup, and I'd HATE going back to tampons or pads.  I use a natural soap, possibly contaminated?  I do have a bottle of unfragranced Dr Bronner's castille soap, but I read somewhere that castille soap is not recommended.
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