simply_cierra (simply_cierra) wrote in menstrual_cups,

What cup to buy?

Hi everyone! I'm new to the cup world. I found them on the internet awhile back and recently decided to do more research on them.  & I've decided to get one, but I can't decide between a small Lunette, a small Ladycup, or a small/medium Meluna. I've really liked the ladycup since I first saw them, but I'm afraid it may be too soft, because I have strong pelvic muscles.& The Meluna, I've heard that people have had issues with them flaking, & the TPE makes me nervous, since I don't know what all types of plastics are in it/if it harbors germs or not, etc.  And the Lunette, I seem to not have any issues with, besides the softness also. I just don't want to buy a cup that's totally wrong for me, since their not exactly cheap.   I'm fifteen & a virgin, and have been using tampons for a year or two, I also can just barely reach my cervix with my middle finger, I don't know if that helps any or is just TMI.  Any suggestions on what cup I should get? I'm open to other brands too. 
Tags: cervix position, lady cup, lunette, meluna, virginity

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