beebs88 (beebs88) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lamazuna cup

I was doing some research on the net and I found a new cup named Lamazuna. I leave a link to it's site:
The site it's in French, but I think you will be able to understand everything since they don't say anything besides that they have to different sizes.
When I first saw this new cup I thought it was a Meluna, since they look exactly the same to me. From the pictures I can even see the same flat ball grip the new Melunas have. They don't give any information on the materials, size to choose... I guess they are just beginning their business in the menstrual cups world.
Has anyone tried this new cup? Heard about it? Do you think it could be a copy of the Melunas?
Tags: brand comparisons, meluna, news
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