sulinda (sulinda) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Burps and Holes

I'm on my first cycle with a cup - using a Meluna classic L.  It filled up too quickly (2 - 3 hrs) and leaked the first two days which might be solved with a Meluna XL.  I really must be able to make it through a 3-hour class without making a bathroom stop - which is why I looked into cups in the first place.

But the other problem leads me to question whether to go with a bigger Meluna or another lg-capacity cup (Yukki?).  I'm experiencing what others have referred to as "burps" or "vj farts".  While the feeling is odd, I could live with it except that it's accompanied by some spotting and the feeling of leakage and I'd really rather not have to rely on pads for back-up.  Interestingly, the burps don't seem to happen as much or at all when my flow is heavy or the cup is mostly full.

I'm wondering if the fact that Meluna only has 2 air holes might contribute to the burping/spotting. Would a different cup with more/bigger holes (or more holes in the Meluna) help?  I also read about people letting the air out as they put the cup in.  Do you think that would help?  Are there other burping remedies?

I love the Meluna otherwise.  It goes in easily and pops open.  I can't twist it at all but it feels snug.  It's not too long - I even have to push a big to grab the ball.  I can feel the suction as I pull it out but nothing too uncomfortable.  

Tags: leakage & spotting, meluna, seal & suction, sizes/size issues, yuuki

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