Mechelle (mechellelemode) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Anyone else HATE changing their cup?

Usually the first 2 days of my period are wrought with nausea, diarrhea, and PAIN. That means a super heavy flow (sometimes like water) so my diva cup leaks so much. As much as every hour - hour and a half. There are times when I just hate having to go to the bathroom to change my cup because it takes so many steps and I'm so tired, sleepy, and in pain, but I have to because I'll leak all over myself and I hate the feeling of blood running all over the place lol. I mean, pulling it out (in which I have to move some muscle around LOL), pouring it out, washing it, and then putting it back in. Sometimes a tampon seems so much easier, but they can be expensive (I have to buy the super duper heavy ones off the internet. Our stores only go to Super which would leak every 30 so what's the use?) so I tend to put off buying them every period (procrastination much?). Other than that, I have no problem. I just wondered if other people were annoyed by their cups at times. :P
Tags: cleaning, continuous use, divacup, endometriosis, heavy blood flow, insertion, removal, seal & suction, tampons

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