akcup (akcup) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Meluna vs. diva cup questions

I recently bought a diva cup, and have used it for I think 5 cycles.  I love the idea of it, and I really want to continue using a cup, but I had some problems with it. 

1.  It leaked no matter what I tried.  I had to use a back up pad, which was very disappointing because I hate pads! 

2.  I don't think it was opening fully.  I have been told by multiple gynos that I am very small down there, so I think it is too big.  However, I have a pretty heavy flow, so I am worried about ordering a smaller cup.

3.  I had to cut the stem off because it poked me, which was ok, but a bit of a pain in the butt trying to remove it. 

4.  Also, after only 5 months it was starting to get discolored even though I boiled it every month.  I know its still sanitary, but it grosses me out.

So... the other day I made an impulse buy and ordered a Meluna classic.  The sizing chart suggesting that I use a small, but the capacity is half that of my diva cup.  I odered a medium, which seems to still be smaller than my diva.  I'm not sure if it will be too big still.  I ordered a ring stem, which I'm really excited about.  Also, I got a red cup thinking that it won't get discolored :P

Anyways, I'm really hoping that the Meluna will solve my problems.  I guess I am wondering if anyone has tried both of these cups, and if you think the Meluna cup will be better?  Or if you have any other suggestions?  I really want to love my menstrual cup!  Thanks!
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