talena6 (talena6) wrote in menstrual_cups,

IUD & cup question: Can you define "suction"?

I know the definition of suction of course, but I just need clarification on what this means during the removal process. I just got an IUD, and I don't want to stop using my cup. The problem is, my cup always sits so high that I have no choice but to barely reach the stem of the Lunette (very long stem, mind you) and slowly pull it out. My finger comes nowhere near the edge without doing this for me to break the suction. I can only break the suction once I've already pulled it quite a ways down. 

I should note that I previously used the Diva Cup until I lost it (yeah, I don't know how I lost it but I did!) and I don't remember it sitting as high as the Lunette did. I'm pretty sure the Lunette is longer than the Diva though, just going off of how I remember them looking, so that makes no sense.

So is the process of pulling it down by the stem creating a suction? Is that what could suck the IUD out?
Tags: cervix position, iud, lunette

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