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Frustrated and need help

I purchased a mini meluna ball four months ago and luckily it came with a small ring stem.  The mini popped open more easily but I apparently have a high cervix and I lost it.  And by lost I mean pushing for 5+ minutes before I could even feel it much less try to grasp on to a slippery ball stem.  That was a disaster.  Then I used the small because that had to be better than the mini.  It was a little longer, but not enough to keep from losing it.  I even had it slide horizontal and stuck in a crevice somehow and when I tried to flip it out I ended up turning it upside down.  That was a miserable day and yet somehow one of the few days where I actually had a seal - go figure!.  So basically the mini and the small were terrible for me and couldn't hold anything.  I was checking on the cup 10 times more than a tampon in part because it wouldn't seal properly.  Now the first period I had no concept of what "popping" and "sealing" was which, as you can imagine, sucked. 

The second period I was able to get a little more of a seal but the capacity was still atrocious.  I purchased a medium and a large for the third period and somehow the large had a harder time sealing than the medium which I still cannot understand. 

During the third period I was able to get the medium to seal maybe about 5-6 times out of the cycle.  I was very excited about this because I thought I had started to master the cup!  I did this by jiggling and poking at the cup until it popped open, pulling it out and pushing it in as many times as it would take. 

This brings me to my fourth, and current, period.  Today was the first time in these 4 months that I have put in a tampon.  I am nearly at my wits end.  I was so proud last month but I can't seem to get it to work even remotely this month.  It will not pop open.  I have been able to get it to open, and I can even get it to seal, but it seals flat and I can't get it to surround my cervix.  I have tried angles and folds and keeping it lower and higher.  I have just...for lack of a better phrase...gotten pissed off.  I have no idea what I should be doing differently short of shelling out the money for yet another cup in a differenct brand.  Quite frankly I like meluna for the colors and the ring stem.  I feel like there has to be this grand solution that I have yet to find or a support group for women broken hearted over their cups.  Despite the awkwardness I just wish someone could show me how to do it so I would understand what to do because all of the visuals I have seen do not actually represent what is going on internally and therefore seem like unrealistic examples. 

I have considered purchasing the sport, which after all of the cups I have purchased would throw me into around the $200 mark to try to find something that works, but I feel like that may just be excessive.  I am sure that there is a way for this to work without me having to buy yet another product.  I mean, isn't that what I purchased the cup for - to save money by not buying tampons all the time?
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