moonhoney925 (moonhoney925) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Guide for parents of teens/pre-teens.

Lately I've noticed an increase of posts from young girls who want to purchase menstrual cups but have difficulties in obtaining one due to their apprehensive parents that do not know anything or have extremely limited knowledge of cups. Could a few of us possibly work on a FAQ or some sort of guide for this website to educate these people? It's disheartening to read about these girls getting upset because their parents will not let them have one for sometimes silly and purely ignorant reasons. Obviously they mean well for their daughters but since menstrual cups are not a mainsteam product (yet) more information is still needed especially on this tangent. 

We could call it "The parents guide to menstrual cups". 

BTW I think that it is fantastic that young people are interested and willing to try cups. I also think that it is great that they feel confident in posting there concerns on this forum. 

Tags: activism, age, faq

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