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Hey everyone, just wanted to ask you a few questions! This is more of a rage question; hope you don't mind :)
Why are most people so close minded about menstrual cups and also freak out when you explain to them about what they are?
-is it the "ich" it's blood factor?
-is it the "i have to touch myself" factor?

And as a interest question, Why do you think people never really hear about menstrual cups?

I was just curious because I was telling one of my friends about them and another friend came in to the conversation and asked what we were talking about. I explained about menstrual cups and the girl freaked out and then later, in a public place, yes PUBLIC with more than 15 men/boys/teens, she started publicly mocking me about menstrual cups and announced to everyone that I used one. She referred to it as "a rubber tampon I had beside my sink" (she did not even dignify it with the proper name of "menstrual cup"). It really made me upset that someone could be so close-minded and it was really sort of embarrassing but I guess C'est la vie.
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