l0ve_the_beach (l0ve_the_beach) wrote in menstrual_cups,

MeLuna went through wash and dry cycle!

So I have a wetbag that I use for my cloth pads, and I just emptied it into the laundry the other day, not thinking about one of my cups being in there! Oops!

I didn't realize until I pulled it out of the dryer, after going through "hot" cycles on both the washer and dryer. It doesn't seem melted or anything, and the only difference I notice is the texture seems more matte than before. I compared it side by side next to one of my other MeLunas and it definitely looks different.

Has anyone made this mistake before? Did you have any problems afterward? I'm pretty familiar with the properties of silicone, but know nothing about TPE and I wasn't sure if there's anything specific concern related to the material.

Tags: cleaning, cup lifespan, meluna
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