OmniAlia (omnialia) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Has anyone bought from Meluna before??  I'm really frustrated, my order stops at the end of the paypal check out and says the order can't go through.  I'm stumped.  YES there's money in the account, that's not the issue.  I have no idea but I've tried three times and every time it says there's an error and the order can't be completed.

Meluna has a bank transfer options, but ARG that is MORE expensive... I have to do bank transfers 3 times a year because I live in Asia... and there's an expensive fee every time.  

I was going to buy 2 cups, and a p-whiz (ya know, because Asia has a lot of hole-in-the-floor dirty floor urinals instead of toilets, and even if they have toilets they're usually gross) but I can't get an order through...  Just want to cry. 

I know there's other stores taht sell meluna cups, but Meluna was helping me with a specialized order, and was able to print my address in English and Chinese so the mail won't mess up as sometimes happens. :(

If I'm overemotional now its because aunt flow is coming and my son hasn't been sleeping at night for the last 3 weeks and I'm exhausted to the MAX. 

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