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Pelvic Bone Problems

Hello everyone,

I've been lurking on here for the past two weeks, and I want to post about a problem I've had so far with my Lunette Selene.
I am a first time user. I'm 16 and a virgin. 

I ordered my small Lunette Selene, and since my period is not till the end of this month to the beginning of next month, I have just been doing dry runs. 

At first, it was extremely painful to insert, but the second session of inserting was somewhat successful. I managed to get the cup in my vagina.

My problem is that when I get it in, my pelvic bone is in the way of it popping open.
If it is popping open, I can't "stir" to check because my pelvic bone is in the way. When I try to "stir" to check to see if it has popped open, it always feels as if it has not popped open because my pelvic bone is just making it smush down. It is hard for me (painful) to insert the cup and two fingers farther into my vagina. It is also hard for me to "stir" because of this as well.
I've tried doing Kegels to get it to move up, and I have also tried bearing down. When I do both of these, and my vagina clenches, and I think feel the cup. I am going to trim the stem a little because when I held the stem and then beared down, I didn't really feel anything.

What can I do about this insertion? My pelvic bone is just in the way, and I think it is preventing my cup from popping open.

I am determined to be successful at using a menstrual cup. I try to look for ways to be eco-friendly, and the cups are also cost-saving. I'm in high school and trying to save money wherever I can for college.

Any help is appreciated! 
Tags: chafing/irritation, dry run, first time use, insertion, lunette selene, popping open, seal & suction

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