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Hello folks, wonder if I could get some specific details on a couple of cups.  I looked at some comparisons but didn't find the exact answers.

Does anyone have a Lunette AND a Meluna classic? Does the Meluna feel much softer? (the meluna classic, not the meluna soft). The stiff rating for lunette was 8 and for Meluna is 4.  Does it feel noticibly different?

The large meluna seems that it has a slightly lower capacity than the large lunette.  Does it make much of a difference?  I like wearing my large lunette up to 12 hours and it does get full on the so so heavy days and has to be changed more often.  I'm worried I'll have to change a large meluna even more frequently.  But also worried about buying an XL meluna- the large Lunette is about the biggest size i can use, anything else is too long.  

Lastly, how do the holes on the meluna differ from the lunette?  The holes are very hard to clean on the Lunette, and it's hard to sometimes release the suction on the cup.  

I'm about to buy a meluna, and i'm struggling what to get.  I'm getting two, but whether i should get a meluna large, classic, or meluna soft, or xl soft or xl classic, and what combo of both! So hard to decide.  And even wonder if I should get the medium for low flow days.  Is that a bit silly? 

I Do like my lunette a LOT, the only things that bother me is that its stiffness has way too powerful suction, and that stupid stem always irritates me- I cut it off and tried to file it with a metal file which did NOTHING. Heh.  So yeah, whichever meluna cups I get, I plan to get the basic cups (no stem/no ball/no ring).  I don't need them at all.  But do want a softer cup.

Thanks for the tips!!

Btw my husband keeps teasing me because I keep telling all my friends about the cups and I sound like a commercial.... but seriously I can't fathom why these aren't advertised more.  All my friends are going and buying these cups now.  And one friend is a nurse, and she's so excited to spread the news too.  That makes me very, very happy. :)

Too bad we don't get commissions when we get friends to buy cups!  Or at least a free cup! ;)
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