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Constant leaking/spotting problems coming into third cycle with cup!

If you have need seen a post from me before; I'm 15 and a virgin and I'm about to be on my third cycle with my mini small and small Melunas in soft and normal. Ever since I started using them I have had the same problem and I've run out of possible solutions. My spotting problem hasn't been going from worse to better, it can be worse/non existent on any given day. I'm quite certain I'm inserting right as in having it pop open and I'm pretty sure it's positioned correctly in terms of my cervix because I've done a great deal of feeling around up there. I push on it so it has suction although I don't know how to make sure it does have a good seal. I always seem to have spotting and I have to use anywhere from 2 to 4 or 5 pantyliners each day, but I get nervous knowing that the leaking could get heavier at any given time because that has happened! How can I stop this problem? Btw when I empty the cup it's not overflowing, this is not what's causing the spotting. He spotting will start within the hour of insertion. It must be something else, and I want to fix it so I can feel confident inserting the cup. I don't want to insert then check it constantly till I know how heavy the leakage is then be paranoid all day! 
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