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Quest for a new cup and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.

So I have been looking into buying a new cup to replace my large Green Donna (like Lunette), since I tore half the stem off trying to pull it out.  But I got my period today, a week early, I'm nervous now, as to how I am going to fare getting my cup out this time.  Even when it was 72mm long, I could barely reach it, and then it sometimes will not budge, I can't get my finger up high enough to release the suction.  I am looking at a large si-bell, it's apparently 74mm long, but I wonder if it will be too soft, or maybe soft would be better for me, since I have a high-tension pelvic floor dysfunction.  Does anyone else have PFD?  My pelvic floor muscles spasm and are very difficult to relax.  I need a long cup with high capacity.  My other option seems to be a MeLuna XL, Si-Bell, Natrual Mamma, large Lunette (which is what was my number one recommendation on the menstrual cup quiz, but is also like what I have now).
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