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Preaching to the Choir

eeeeeee!! ... Sorry for the squeal, I'm just so happy!!!

(If you're interested in a story, keep reading)

Last May (2011), I discovered menstrual cups. Then I hit the research trail... Hard.

I have a menstrual disease called menorrhagia (or hypermenorrhea) that causes heavy or prolonged menstrual periods. Unluckily for me, I have both. Heavy flow for 70-100 days is not practical. I am 14, and that just doesn't work into my schedule.

I researched for months and months working to build up the research to look smart for my mother to convince her to get me one. (a Lunette, may I add) Then I made a Powerpoint for her (cheesy I know) and I presented it in proper school fashion. It was so hard for me to bring it up to her, and then she brushed it off as if I had just discovered it and were saying " gimme gimme" I had researched Lunette for so long (at that point, around a year) and I just abandoned it for about 2 months.

And then it hit me. The answer to my worries.

I do a YouTube channel on Puberty. So, I smoothly emailed Lunette and mentioned that I was going to do a series on menstrual cups, and I was wondering if they would send me a sample. Thankfully, it was meant to be that I would receive a Lunette.

I am in utter and complete love with my Lunette. My periods have gotten lighter. I noticed that I actually bleed less than I thought I did, I guess tampons just amplify how much it looks like. I am 14, and a virgin, and I had absolutely no trouble getting used to my Lunette. (Using the c fold as well ) My learning curve was a straight line.  The only thing I had to do (which I really didn't have to) is trim off a little of the stem. Being the low cervix-ed (is that a word) me I am, I was surprised that it was so simple. I have had nothing go wrong. I got the Lunette Aine.

I suppose that I could have just prepared myself mentally so much that I knew exactly what to do. I am just saying, to all of the young people, don't give up on (menstrual cup) love, because it will find a way.

p.s. If you want to check out my YouTube, and subscribe maybe, that'd be cool ^_^



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