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I've been absent for close to a year...

So, I got pregnant 3 cycles after getting my very first cup.  It's a femmecup, and I was quite happy with it even though it takes a bit of an expedition to get the thing out most of the time ( my cervix is fairly high at the start of my period and just keeps getting higher as it goes on).  I had a c-section, by the way.

Anyway, on to my issues.  I've just gotten my first period postpartum (not quite 8 weeks, which is a shame, really.  I'm breast feeding and was hoping for something like the 7 month reprieve I got with my first) and things are mostly the same.  The only differences are:  1. The rim is hurting me a bit at removal!  I didn't notice this at all last time around, and I'm guessing it's because it's been 4 months since anything solid has been in or out of my vagina.  Just general postpartum sensitivity.  It did get me thinking about issue 2. I haven't really got time to squat over the toilet pushing and reaching for 5 minutes to get the thing out these days.  My baby does not like being put down at the best of times, and the stress of her whinge-ing and crying is not super conducive to relaxing.  So, now I'm thinking new cup.  What I need is more length and possibly a softer or less obtrusive rim.  I'm thinking NaturalMamma or possibly an XL Meluna?  I really like the softness of the body of the femmecup,  and am a bit afraid to go too firm.

Just thought I'd check in here to see if there's anything else I should be considering or something glaringly wrong about my thought process, here.  Everyone always seems so knowledgeable and helpful.
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