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16, Virgin, Issues

Hello everyone!  Been a lurker for a good long while, and made this account nearly five minutes ago just to post.
I've been having my period since I was about 11 years old.  Started using tampons at about 13/14.  Now sixteen, soon to be seventeen.  I've been interested in more eco and body friendly menstrual product alternatives for a while and a few months ago after lurking these forums, I finally got a small blue Lunette after using cloth pads for awhile.  The problem?  I can't get it in.

I've been trying various folds but it always unpops prematurely or my hand cramps.  I prefer the folded over punchdown and half diamond, but particularly in the half diamond the second I get it in position (after a lot of fighting) my hand cramps and it pops open.  I have gotten it about halfway in before, but it always begins to pop open before it's all the way in. 

I'm a virgin not by choice, but because I have had lots of problems with intercourse of any kind, be it a finger or his penis.  I'm currently working on scheduling a gyno appointment to figure out if this is due to physical or psychological problems.  I have used tampons in the past, but that can be a bit of a fight at times with insertion as well.  I think that cups are amazing and really want to begin using them.

Would appreciate any help anyone can offer!  Thank you
Tags: insertion - painful or problems, popping open, virginity
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